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Never going back. 1 star because you have to choose at least one. This was my second visit to any Sport Clips, this being the only location I have been. Having been there before I knew the check in process, signed in and sat down. I wasn't long, maybe 2 minutes, and one of the stylist says, "Come on back.". I got up and started walking back and she reaches out to me, shakes my hand and says, "How are you doing?" I instinctively said, "Nice to meet you.". Let me explain. What I expected to hear when I walked in was something like, "Welcome to Sport Clips. Have you been here before?". "Great, welcome back! Sign in and someone will be with you in a moment.". I was taken back a bit as the woman did not even address me by name. "Hi Mark, my name is .........come with me." Is something like I would expect. Now, comes the hair cut. She sits me down and asks what I want. I tell her #3 clipper on the sides, and about the thickness of her finger on the top. She says ok and grabs the her way around the sides and the back, then proceeds to change the clipper guard and goes to the top of my head...never pulls out a pair of scissors...needless to say, the top is too short. She then proceeds to get out her small trimmer for my side burns and neck. The thing sounded like an old lawn mower and I was surprised it cut without snagging. She loosens the gown and pulls back the paper thing on my neck and begins to trim the base of the hair line and the back of my neck. Nothing surprising here, except she is going from the hair line down to the shoulder and dragging all the clippings into my shirt. Is this not hair cutting 101? She then grabs her hair dryer to blow away the clippings and I get a short burst on one side of my head just behind the ear. She then assumes I am getting the hair wash as well. I never asked for the shampoo. Especially now, because I have to go back home and shower to get rid of the hair she dumped down my back. She asks me if I want product in my hair and I say sure. She puts some product in my hair. drys her hand on a towel and then wipes the back of my neck with it. Every place I have ever had a hair cut my entire life, uses that wooden handled brush with the soft bristles to brush the hair off. Not this one, its a crusty towel that ran across the back of my freshly trimmed neck like steel wool. I pay my bill and leave. I get in my car, take a look at how short my hair is, how it has no definition and realize my forehead is covered with hair clippings. I very easily could have pulled out some clippers and saved the $25 I spent. Did I mention the piles of hair swept up the the front of the locker, but not swept up...and all the televisions were on the same channel and not a local sports team to be seen. Like I said in the beginning, I'm never going back.

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Mark S. | July 30, 2018 Haircut

"Never going back. 1 star because you have to choose at least one. This was my second visit to any S"